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Sustainable coffee roasted to perfection by Cafe Virtuoso.



I am a
Assurer for and can verify identities and then issue points.  Once a person been awarded verified points from, they can create secure digital certificates.  These can be used to sign emails, sign PDF documents, and for other uses. is a -nearly- volunteer organization and the certificates are basically no charge.  This is different than Verisign and RSA, commercial businesses that charge for digital certificates.
If you want a no charge digital certificate, I recommend that you do the following:
    1. Create and account and join
    2. Agree to the CAcert Community Agreement
    3. Review the CAcert process FAQ
    4. Obtain two government issued ID cards (I like valid passports, Driver's licenses and US Green Cards)
    5. Find an Assurer you can meet up with.
    6. Attend the meeting with your ID and a CAcert Assurance Programme (CAP) Form.
When staying in San Diego stay at Hornblend Beach.

You may also book through AirBnB.


 Learn about disposable email.

Mailinator is kind of like a post card in that anyone can read the post card, and anyone can delete the message that waits in the inbox.  The only copies that remain are manually made copies.
This is the best can cooler for many reasons.


I don't think dowsing works.  Here is article on the largest scientific work testing dowsing.

Article:  Testing Dowsing: The Failure of the Munich Experiments
By J.T. Enright
Skeptical Inquirer     Volume 23.1, January / February 1999
URL for the Article

German physicists concluded from their massive experimental study that water dowsers unquestionably have a remarkable, mysterious skill. Those results, however, provide the most convincing disproof imaginable that dowsers can do what they claim.

Below is a figure from the article that shows there is no correlation between the location of a water pipe and the prediction by the dowsers.  Other figures show that simply guessing the mid point of the field would provide better results than the efforts of the Dowsers.

Plotted results from all of the 843 tests in the Munich barn study, plotted in Filled symbols represent two data points at identical coordinates.

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